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We believe that human ingenuity creates positive differences. Everyday, we pursue excellence together with passion in what we do. Be part of Cruel Man and bring your inspiration to the team. Come and speak to us!



Responsibilities :

  • Produce high quality animations under the supervision of our Art Director

  • Work in a highly collaborative environment to fully realize our characters and environments through movement

  • Create characters and creatures animations and some environment/props animations

  • Ensure the quality of your delivery is up to the standards set by the team and follow technical guidelines

  • Assist Art Director in directing motion capture shoots

  • Edit and clean up motion capture data

  • Work with art and code team members to setup and improve character animations in Unreal engine, such as mesh deformation, facial animation, cloth and hair dynamics

  • Establish core and secondary functionality of a game's characters

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Proficient in animation software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Blender

  • Experience with Unreal engine

  • Knowledge of rigging and skinning

  • Knowledge of anatomy, biology, layout design, texturing, and asset production

  • Good understanding of game development processes

  • Self-motivation with the highest attention to detail

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.

Responsibilities :

  • Work with the art director, game designers, and other artists to create characters, creatures 3D model that are visually stunning and meet the technical requirements of the game engine

  • Model and texture 3D characters and creatures for use in video games, using Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Substance 3D, and other industry-standard software packages

  • Work closely with the animation team to ensure that characters and creatures are animated realistically and within the constraints of the game engine

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest advances in 3D character creation technology and techniques

  • Maintain a high level of communication with the art director and other team members to ensure that all characters are consistent with the game’s art style

  • Take direction well and be able to incorporate feedback into your work

  • Communicate the visual design and development of the characters through art specifications, style guides and reference material

  • A strong artistic sense, proactive personality, and eagerness to learn new techniques


Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Strong understanding of physically based shaders and rendering

  • Knowledge of Maya, Zbrush or Blender

  • Strong texture skills and experience with Adobe Substance 3D

  • Ability to create and manipulating texture maps and excellent understanding of the value of UV space

  • An understanding of the human form/anatomy and structure/silhouette in respect of modeling

  • An understanding of all current generation production workflows as they pertain to character art production

  • A strong artistic sense, proactive personality, and eagerness to learn new techniques

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Ability to take and process feedback in a timely manner

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.



Responsibilities :

  • Conceptualize stylized design to give best representation of the game and utilize 2D illustration skills to create mood paintings, character, environment and prop concepts.

  • Research visual materials to help develop the contents of the game.

  • Work closely with the Art Director to work on the visual style of the game.

  • Work closely with the development team to help define and visualise the details within the characters/props and level

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Proficient in illustration and storytelling and demonstrates a strong eye for perspective, colour, lighting, mood and composition.

  • Sharp sense of form, shape, silhouette, scale and surface materials.

  • Able to work with individuals on the content creation team, to help shape in game assets.

  • Effective communication skills with a teamwork oriented mindset.

  • Able to create line sketches, paint-over, photobashing, where appropriate to efficiently deliver the ideas.

  • Ability to use research and reference material, in support of idea generation, and problem solving.

  • Knowledge of game development pipelines, and technical constraints related to art asset creation.

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Basic knowledge of 3D software packages

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Create real-time game models (characters and scene items, etc.) including  PBR textures.

  • Collaborate with the Art Director to ensure 3D assets quality as desired.

  • Create and complete 3D game scenes in Unreal Engine such as Lighting and Effects.

  • Additional duties may be assigned as needed.

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Experience in using DCC softwares such as Maya/Zbrush/ etc.

  • Understanding on PBR workflows and experience in texturing software such as Substance Painter.

  • Good understanding on workflows related to 3D art asset production.

  • Good understanding of game environment asset planning and production.

  • Clear understanding of character rigging and setup.

  • Clear understanding of Unreal Engine features: environment creation, lighting and effects.

  • Understanding of the human form / anatomy and strong sense of 3D space.

  • Knowledge of lighting, composition and color theory.

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Experience with Blender.

  • Experience with Adobe After Effects.

  • Understanding in creating 3D character animation.

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.

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