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我們相信人類的創造力會產生正能量。每一天,我們都充滿熱情來追求卓越。帶著你的期盼,立即加入成為 Cruel Man 的一員吧!

3D 遊戲美術


  • 製作實時遊戲模型(角色﹑場景及物件等),包括 PBR 紋理。

  • 與美術總監合作以確保 3D 資源的質量達到預期。

  • 在虛幻引擎中創建和完成 3D 遊戲場景,例如光照和特效。

  • 會根據需要分配額外的職責。


  • 有使用Maya/Zbrush等DCC軟件的經驗。

  • 了解 PBR 的工作流程和相關軟件(例如 Substance Painter)的經驗。

  • 對製作3D 美術資源的工作流程有良好的理解。

  • 對遊戲環境資源規劃和製作有良好的理解。

  • 清楚了解角色绑定和設置。

  • 清楚了解虛幻引擎的特性:環境創建、光照和特效。

  • 對人體形態/解剖結構的理解和強烈的3D空間感。

  • 了解燈光、構圖和色彩理論。

具有以下技能優先考慮 :

  • 使用 Blender 的經驗。

  • 使用 Adobe After Effects 的經驗。

  • 擁有製作 3D 角色動畫的經驗。


Responsibilities :

  • Work as a team with technical artists, animators and artists

  • Develop prototype and collaborate with the team to improve technical aspects in-game

  • Design and development gameplay experience using Unreal Engine

  • Troubleshoot and optimize the runtime performance of the game

  • Develop and maintain tools and plugins for artist

  • Analyze and implement tools for improving workflow

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Strong proficiency in C++ programming and knowledge of OOP

  • Strong problem-solving and research skills

  • Experience working in Unreal Engine or Unity

  • Understanding of game development and performance optimization

  • Knowledge of version control systems like Git

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Shader programming with any shading language, for example, GLSL, HLSL or CG

  • Knowledge of scripting and tools development on common DCC like Maya or Blender

  • Experience in game creation

Apply with resume and work samples via the "Apply Now" button.



Responsibilities :

  • Conceptualize stylized design to give best representation of the game and utilize 2D illustration skills to create mood paintings, character, environment and prop concepts.

  • Research visual materials to help develop the contents of the game.

  • Work closely with the Art Director to work on the visual style of the game.

  • Work closely with the development team to help define and visualise the details within the characters/props and level

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Proficient in illustration and storytelling and demonstrates a strong eye for perspective, colour, lighting, mood and composition.

  • Sharp sense of form, shape, silhouette, scale and surface materials.

  • Able to work with individuals on the content creation team, to help shape in game assets.

  • Effective communication skills with a teamwork oriented mindset.

  • Able to create line sketches, paint-over, photobashing, where appropriate to efficiently deliver the ideas.

  • Ability to use research and reference material, in support of idea generation, and problem solving.

  • Knowledge of game development pipelines, and technical constraints related to art asset creation.

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Basic knowledge of 3D software packages

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Collaborate with the game development team to understand the game's concept, target audience, and desired user experience.

  • Create intuitive and visually stunning user interfaces (UI) that align with the game's art style and enhance usability.

  • Develop wireframes and user flows to effectively communicate UI/UX concepts and interactions.

  • Design and create high-quality 3D game assets, including characters, environments, props, icons, and animations.

  • Ensure that UI/UX designs are optimized for various platforms and devices, considering factors such as screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

  • Collaborate with developers to implement and integrate UI/UX designs into the game engine, ensuring functionality and visual fidelity.

  • Maintain a consistent visual style and brand identity throughout the game, adhering to established art direction and design guidelines.

  • Stay up to date with industry trends and best practices in game UI/UX design, graphic design, and interactive design.

  • Provide support to the development team on UI/UX best practices, design principles, and user-centered design methodologies.

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Passion for games and a deep understanding of various game genres, player preferences, and current industry trends.

  • Proven experience as a game UI/UX designer or graphic designer in the gaming industry, with a strong portfolio showcasing your design skills and creative vision.

  • Proficiency in industry-standard design and prototyping tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, InVision, or similar software.

  • Solid understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, layout, and composition.

  • Strong UI/UX design skills, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Knowledge of user-centered design methodologies, usability principles, and user testing techniques.

  • Familiarity with game development processes and an understanding of technical constraints and requirements for UI/UX integration.

  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to effectively articulate design ideas and provide constructive feedback.

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Work with the art director, game designers, and other artists to create characters, creatures 3D model that are visually stunning and meet the technical requirements of the game engine

  • Model and texture 3D characters and creatures for use in video games, using Maya, ZBrush, Adobe Substance 3D, and other industry-standard software packages

  • Work closely with the animation team to ensure that characters and creatures are animated realistically and within the constraints of the game engine

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest advances in 3D character creation technology and techniques

  • Maintain a high level of communication with the art director and other team members to ensure that all characters are consistent with the game’s art style

  • Take direction well and be able to incorporate feedback into your work

  • Communicate the visual design and development of the characters through art specifications, style guides and reference material

  • A strong artistic sense, proactive personality, and eagerness to learn new techniques


Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Strong understanding of physically based shaders and rendering

  • Knowledge of Maya, Zbrush or Blender

  • Strong texture skills and experience with Adobe Substance 3D

  • Ability to create and manipulating texture maps and excellent understanding of the value of UV space

  • An understanding of the human form/anatomy and structure/silhouette in respect of modeling

  • An understanding of all current generation production workflows as they pertain to character art production

  • A strong artistic sense, proactive personality, and eagerness to learn new techniques

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Ability to take and process feedback in a timely manner

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Create real-time game models (characters and scene items, etc.) including PBR textures.

  • Collaborate with the Art Director to ensure 3D assets quality as desired.

  • Create and complete 3D game scenes in Unreal Engine such as Lighting and Effects.

  • Additional duties may be assigned as needed.

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Experience in using DCC softwares such as Maya/Zbrush/ etc.

  • Understanding on PBR workflows and experience in texturing software such as Substance Painter.

  • Good understanding on workflows related to 3D art asset production.

  • Good understanding of game environment asset planning and production.

  • Clear understanding of character rigging and setup.

  • Clear understanding of Unreal Engine features: environment creation, lighting and effects.

  • Understanding of the human form / anatomy and strong sense of 3D space.

  • Knowledge of lighting, composition and color theory.

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Experience with Blender.

  • Experience with Adobe After Effects.

  • Understanding in creating 3D character animation.

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Work closely with art team to achieve high quality production

  • Work closely with art team in operational and art related works

  • Update schedule of the art Director’s and other documents

  • Assist on all aspects of production, research and development

  • Manage and coordinate internal/external communication

  • Facilitate and maintain relationships between your organization and vendors

  • Provide office administrative support

  • Perform ad hoc assignments

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Good command of Written and Spoken English and Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin)

  • Proficient in graphic applications (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Knowledge and hands on experience in graphic design, UI and UX

  • Good video/graphic sense

  • Good planning, organization and coordination skills

  • Interpersonal team player skills

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.


Responsibilities :

  • Produce high quality animations under the supervision of our Art Director

  • Work in a highly collaborative environment to fully realize our characters and environments through movement

  • Create characters and creatures animations and some environment/props animations

  • Ensure the quality of your delivery is up to the standards set by the team and follow technical guidelines

  • Assist Art Director in directing motion capture shoots

  • Edit and clean up motion capture data

  • Work with art and code team members to setup and improve character animations in Unreal engine, such as mesh deformation, facial animation, cloth and hair dynamics

  • Establish core and secondary functionality of a game's characters

Essential Skills and Experience :

  • Proficient in animation software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Blender

  • Experience with Unreal engine

  • Knowledge of rigging and skinning

  • Knowledge of anatomy, biology, layout design, texturing, and asset production

  • Good understanding of game development processes

  • Self-motivation with the highest attention to detail

Apply with resume and portfolio via the "Apply Now" button.

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